IPv6, Yearly Discounts and more – August 2018 Update

IPv6, Yearly Discounts and more – August 2018 Update

IPv6 Ready without IPv4

I have great news regarding the implementation of IPv6. As you might know, our network already worked with IPv6 for some years now.

However, our Cloud Portal was not ready yet to deploy a virtual server without an IPv4 address. It had to have both versions to work without issues.

After updating our Cloud Portal software, I’m pleased to tell you that it’s now possible to deploy a virtual server without requiring an IPv4.

Now, it’s just a matter of creating a few new plans using the latest protocol to welcome it and stop depending on the IPv4.

Shared IPv4 without IPv6

In case you cannot use IPv6 yet or for some reason still require to use IPv4, we have also created an internal network to share a single IPv4 between several KVM Servers.

If you require to use an IPv4, this will be the possible solution at a later time when there are no more IPv4 addresses left or in case they become costly to acquire.

In other words, OpenVServers is ready for the future! 😀

Yearly plans are back and…

Enough talking about IP protocols. We have some news regarding discounts.

Web Hosting packages and KVM Servers receive now – at least – a discount of 10% when paid per year.

Alternatively, whenever you get more than three VPS, you can also receive a discount of 10%. Moreover, when you get more than ten VPS, you can win a discount of 15%. The more you get, the more discounts you can earn, up to 25-35% upon negotiation.

Any of these discounts are valuable in the long term. Either you are a single person, or in case you have an agency, work as a freelancer or as a web professional. When you do the math, depending on the chosen service and plan, sometimes you receive more than two months of service for free. You are welcome! 😀

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