Bugs fixed, Cloudflare issue and more – July 2018 Update

Bugs fixed, Cloudflare issue and more – July 2018 Update

I received some messages regarding a few bugs here and there on our new website. Thank you so much!

I’m happy to say that we fixed all bugs successfully. In the meanwhile, I sent a small token of appreciation to everyone that reported those bugs.

Our website is not entirely translated yet to all languages. It is a work in progress. This is considered normal and not considered a bug.

However, if you find more web pages not working or not behaving correctly in a particular browser, we would appreciate a lot if you could let us know about it.

A new web page without bugs, hopefully

Hopefully, we are done with fixing bugs for the moment on the new website and can introduce a few more web pages without adding… a few more bugs. 😀

We decided to create a webpage with more information about the operating systems available in our KVM Servers. As you can see, a draft is already available. What do you think?

The idea is to give you all the details of what is currently available. We also want to provide operating systems ready to use with control panels already installed or using specific applications.

For example, recently we added Debian 9 with Pritunl already installed. And now, you can have a VPN Server working in less than 2 minutes.

Cloudflare Issue

Apparently, Cloudflare caught a few minor bugs and got sick… I mean, had a few technical issues!

On 30 June, CloudFlare experienced DNS issues all around the world. A few minutes of downtime might have been noticeable for websites/hostnames that are using CloudFlare’s nameservers.

Some of our clients using Cloudflare DNS thought it was an issue on our side and contacted us about it. Meanwhile, our uptime monitoring system also reported a few intermittently connectivity issues from time to time for a few minutes since we use Cloudflare as well.

At first, I thought it was an issue on our side as well, but after a few quick tests, I realized it couldn’t be.

I decided to test Cloudflare’s DNS and guess what? I have found the problem! Cloudflare acknowledged the issue on their status page after a few hours and started to work on a fix.

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Thanks for reading!

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